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The world is changing rapidly. Those who stick with the same investment strategy in these times will no longer enjoy the same success. Anyone savvy enough to see what's happening will leap ahead of those still trying to figure it all out.

What is happening now happened in 1966 and 2000. Markets topped out, then stayed in a range for over a decade.

The Vietnam War, tumult of the late 60s, oil shock and subsequent inflation didn't bring new market highs until 1982.

A high-tech collapse, the attack on the Twin Towers and war in Iraq kept markets bouncing up and down until 2012.

Changes were happening and people were still making money.

Even such silent markets, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg still built huge fortunes.

We can do the same by finding things nobody else is looking for.

Endurance Investments & Trading Daily Investment Philosophy

Our Investment Philosophy

Our portfolio is divided into long-term investments based on asset classes we anticipate will double in the coming years, and trading positions based on immediate market action. We make trades that generate income right away, starting our positions in the black, and reducing risk. We make a lot trades each year, aiming for incremental and steady gains that accumulate into solid double digits to beat both inflation and the average growth of the S&P 500.

Some of our trades generate so much immediate income that on a $10,000 investment, you can cover the $299 investment for annual membership.

In periods such as these, the world's money isn't gained or lost. It changes hands.

It moves from the complacent to the savvy. The old elite disappear and a new generation emerges to drive the world.

What the world looked like in 1965, before the 1966-1982 market silence, was nothing compared to what it looked like in 1983, when the silence ended. Money and power changed hands everywhere.

The world in 1999 changed even more by the end of the 2000-2012 quiet. Unprecedented Money and power migrated to those who could see into the future.

From 2021 to the end of this era, the changes will be even more radical -- putting you into a prime position to change everything.

The times will be tough, but we are Endurance Investing. Built to move forward even when the world doesn't know which way is up.

Located in the Jezreel Valley, the breadbasket of Israel

Our Special Advantage

We are located in the Jezreel Valley, in Northern Israel.

We are in constant contact with our network of high-tech Israeli experts, Arab business leaders, Wall Street insiders, members of the local military and intelligence community, and the occasional shepherd.

This gives us a unique perspective of current events and their impact on asset markets. We see things from many angles to break through the veiled opinions of the media to find out what is really happening.

Our Chief Strategic Trading Advisor is a Wall Street legend with over 50 years' experience.

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