For the next decade, the markets will move inside a trading range. They won't break new highs. They won't hit new lows. They will go up and down like a basketball, never too high or low in any direction.

It will enter the same funk it did from 1966 to 1982 and 2000 to 2012.

Is this the end of the world?

Should we find somewhere else to invest?

Are there still long term stocks to buy and hold?

Are there still opportunities to make life changing returns?

There are lots of amazing opportunities to shine.

The personal computer, email, and the internet itself were invented from 1966-1982. Social media and smartphones came on the scene between 2000-2012.

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg all made their fortunes during these times, and so will you!

Even in a straight market you can win.

Finding the best bear market investing strategies is possible if you know the right long term stocks to buy.

Trading up in a bear market is possible if you are a stock market junkie because there is something special about times like these:

Money isn't gained or lost.

It changes hands.

The super elite in 1966 were not the same super elite come 1982.

The top 1% in 2000 are not the elite today. Of the 15 richest people in 2000, by 2013 ten were no longer on the list.

That's your grab!

To replace the current elite by being a part of it.

To help the world by rising to the top of it.

Stock markets gyrate during times of tectonic changes as they find traction. This opens a window of opportunity to capitalize on tomorrow's greatness before everyone else does.

Endurance Investing was built for this specific purpose.

The Hidden Advantage of Today's Media:

How committed was journalism to the truth?

In the 1970s, AM Rosenthal, the Chief Editor of the New York Times, would challenge the liberal opinions of his journalists by making consistent conservative arguments.

When they confronted him, a fellow liberal, on what he was up to, he said bluntly:

In order to keep my paper honest, we have to express all points of view.

He was so passionate about reporting the facts without any personal bias, he made sure his tombstone stated that his life achievement was keeping the New York Times honest.

Today's headlines read like opinion columns. Not only in politics, but in business, culture, even science.

That suits us just fine.

There is a reason why they call the financial elite the 1%. It’s because they have access to information the rest of us don't.

If the media is going to contribute to the mass confusion of everyone, it will be those who can see through it all to get the facts on the ground that will advance beyond those who keep drinking their Kool-Aid.

Along with reading between the lines, checking multiple places to corroborate facts, we seek our facts the old-fashioned way – common sense and a network of informed contacts.

We follow the smart money, and cross-check with our people located throughout North America, Europe, and the Middle East to capture the most accurate picture of what is really happening.

Then we make our decisions.

Be Ready for The Long Decade Ahead

Nobody else will.

We haven't seen inflation like this in 40 years.

When this last happened, the most experienced analysts are were in college.

Today, nobody knows what to do.

Assumptions we took for granted over the last 40 years are crumbling like we have never seen before.

Change is today's new normal.

We need to let go of what we “know” and get ready for what is coming.

That evens the playing field.

The 1% lose their “insider” advantage. Like us, they have as much of a chance to anticipate what comes next.

The rewards for being the first one to see it is up for grabs to anyone. They become tomorrow's kings and noblemen.

What makes us at Endurance Investments & Trading BETTER prepared to see the future first:

  1. We have an array of contacts who are investment managers with over 40 years' experience. They remember what things were like the last time the world went through this level of inflation and global instability.

  2. We are located outside Wall Street. We are not handcuffed to conventional thinking.

  3. Our team has extensive experience working on Wall Street and in High Tech. Our firsthand experience involves analyzing companies, building businesses, and monitoring asset markets.

  4. Awareness of History. We study bouts of inflation in other nations during previous eras to see what they did to survive it, and thrive while it was happening.

  5. We are not afraid of anyone. We read and listen to left-wing analysis, right-wing analysis, solutions, opinions, and research from everybody.

    There is no such thing as being offended.

    The only way to find reality is to triangulate it.

    Everyone that has something valuable to say and no matter where it comes from, we will do our research to see if it is credible.

    That gives you an advantage over everybody who locks themselves into one position.

    When it comes to politics, choose your side and fight. When it comes to your money, we will listen to everybody and develop nonpolitical solutions for what is best for you and your family.

  6. We know what the smart money is doing.

    The smart money is moved by the most informed people on the planet. We don’t do what they are doing, but we take their investments and trades under serious consideration when making our own decisions.

    We fact check their choices through our own analysis and network to make the best decisions for you.

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